Catching the psychopath

My humorous encounter

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As I always say,I’m a big fan of mystery stories, whether they’re in books or movies. I’m always up for a good thrill. One day, something strange happened, and I felt like a detective. Let me tell you about it.

Last year, I used to work at night shifts. My office cab dropped me off a bit away from my building, and I had to walk for just two minutes. This happened during the winter, and one night, something unusual occurred.

As I walked toward my building, I saw a dark lane that led to a shadowy turn. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone vanish into the shadows. At first, I thought I was seeing things, but it got me thinking.

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The next night, I saw the same thing happen again. This time, I decided not to ignore it. I thought, maybe I should figure out who this mysterious person is.

So, I got all geared up, like a superhero. I put on a black hoodie - which made me feel no less than Batwoman,paired with sneakers, and even had a knife in my pocket, just in case. My smartwatch was ready to call the police with one touch. I was set for action!

I waited behind a wall, expecting the mystery person. Finally, I heard footsteps in the dark. There the person was, covered head to toe in a black shawl. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. I was nervous, thinking about it might be a dangerous person.

So many questions were flooded in my mind. Was that some psychopath killer? But I didn’t hear of any murders happening nearby! Maybe he couldn’t find out someone to target yet? But…but what if he is only a dog killer? Oh my god! I had to wait and watch and then just attack with the rod first and if necessary, will strike with the knife

But then, what I saw next surprised me !Her hands came out from under the shawl. It was a woman with bangles on her wrists. I was puzzled. What could this mean? Then, she reached for a jasmine tree and started picking its flowers, putting them in her bag.

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I was shocked. The mysterious person was not a criminal but a flower thief, probably collecting flowers to make garlands. I was relieved it wasn't something sinister, but I also felt a bit silly for getting all dressed up like a superhero to chase a flower thief.
So, that's my funny adventure as a pretend detective. Sometimes, our imagination can lead us on strange journeys, but you never know what surprises you might find.



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