Confessions of a Cat Whisperer: When fluff gives you a heart break 💔

* The stunts narrated in the story are not supposed to be carried out on streets without expert supervision*

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I’m about to share a secret that might raise a few eyebrows. So.... I talk to cats. Yep, you heard it right! And no, this isn’t a stand-up routine, I promise. I’m dead serious. I actually go up to cats and go, "Hey there!" Or sometimes, I’m like, "Yo, kitty!" And believe it or not, I get responses that can put Siri to shame.

Now, before you start booking my appointment at the nearest psychiatrist, hear me out. This isn’t your usual "cat got your tongue" situation. No, no. These cats, they’re a sassy bunch, let me tell you. Either they give me the cold shoulder, a look that screams, "Why’s this big creature bugging me?" Or, they hit me with the cutest meow you’ve ever heard. And what happens next? Oh, we’re deep into a conversation.
You know how it goes. We talk about fish and of course, cuddle demands. It’s like we’re old pals catching up on life, except one of us is covered in fur and has a tail. But, hey, who am I to judge? If they wanna chat, I’m all ears.

Now, let me take you back to exactly a year back from today,August 20th, 2022. It was a crack-of-dawn adventure. I’d just finished my night shift, and there I was, strolling back home. The neighborhood was still sleeping, and I was about to take the stairs. There I found two twin-like cats sitting near the stairs like they owned the place. It was like a celebrity sighting, you know? I could practically hear the paparazzi clicking away(of course the paparazzi would be me).
There I was, giving the royal treatment to a dashing Tom cat. Scratch here, scratch there , he’s loving it! But here comes the plot twist , the other Tom starts acting all cryptic. He’s doing this weird head tilt, and in cat language, that’s like sending a sneaky threat. Fight’s about to break out, and I’m oblivious, caught up in the fur-tickling action.

Now, cue the dramatic music. Handsome Tom’s feeling the pressure, and suddenly, he bites me. Yep, I’ve been bitten. Talk about a twist in the tale, right? I climbed up the stairs, more puzzled than a detective. And there I was, scrubbing my hand like I was preparing for surgery after reaching my apartment,while a cat feud unfolded in the background.

But wait, the adventure’s far from over. Turns out, that’s not the end of the story. Nope, now I’m facing the dreaded anti-rabies shots. Oh, the horror! First, they inject me with half the dose on one arm and half on the other. Sure, I’m feeling like a champ ,no fear of needles here! But oh, it’s a classic case of "the worst is yet to come."
Enter the nurse with a syringe the size of a rocket launcher. His mission? Injecting something that sounds like it could be a superhero serum. And me? Well, let’s just say I’m now the star of a medical thriller. I’m told it’ll hurt a "little." But guess what? That syringe could probably give a giraffe a run for its money in the size department. Long story short, I ended up with a needle in my hand, and trust me, it was terrible! !.

After a tug-of-war between me and the nurse grabbing by hand with the almost 5mm long syringe inside my palm , my palm ended up looking like an overgrown apple, all red and swollen.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

So, what did I learn from this incident? First, cats are unpredictable , who are exactly the miniature versions of tigers. Second, the term "bite the bullet" takes on a whole new meaning when you’re dealing with needles.

And finally, from that day forward, I’ve stuck to only verbal chats with the furballs. Because, let’s be real, who needs superhero-sized needle when you’ve got the gift of gab?

Well, that was only one of the many stories of me being a cat whisperer . Gradually, I will come up with more stories on the same topic - as a mini series of blogs.
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