Domestic Violence: an act by wildly violent men

Unmasking the dark comedy of socioeconomic disparity

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I never witnessed domestic violence at home, but I knew about it from a young age. It's not a pleasant topic, but the truth is, domestic violence happens a lot among people with lower incomes.
One reason is that many women don't know their rights, . They might feel too financially vulnerable to leave an abusive relationship.

But domestic violence isn't just a problem for the less wealthy. It sneaks into the lives of middle and upper-class families, hidden away from prying eyes. Male dominance plays a big role, but educating women about their rights is crucial.

Now, let me tell you about the most surprising case of domestic violence I've seen. It's not about a struggling, uneducated couple.
It's about a woman my mom knew for a long time. She seemed perfect โ€“ fair, chubby, and beautiful.
She worked as a teacher in a government school and often brought chocolates and accessories to our home. I enjoyed talking to her, and so did my mom.

But appearances can be deceiving. Despite her beauty, she often looked disheveled and wore loose, untidy clothes. This was strange because she loved buying new clothes and accessories.
She carried a huge bag that seemed bottomless, filled with water bottles, clips, books, and mysterious medicines.

Her married life was far from a fairytale. Things got worse when I was about 17 or 18, and her daughter was around 13 or 14.
That's when her husband started physically abusing her daily. She would come to our house with bruises, and it was clear he took a lot of her salary.

What's bizarre is that, despite being financially independent, she didn't leave her husband.

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Even her daughter didn't seem too concerned. She often said she couldn't leave her daughter behind, but she looked lost most of the time.
Dark circles under her eyes and excessive sleeping became her norm. She loved reading but strangely had no books of her own.

Even when my mom and I separated from my father due to his bad behavior, this lady kept urging my mom to patch things up and go back to our old house. After my mom said her she doesn't want to go back, I don't think she tried to contact us after that.
It's a mystery what happened to her since then. My guess, after talking to many patients, is that she might be taking sleeping pills, some of which are controlled substances.
Her constant sleepiness, strange behavior, and confusion all point to this possibility.

Now, if what I am assuming is true, then she is not supposed be in a completely sane mind that would have enough confidence to fight against her husband.

In the end, I hope she finds the happiness and healthiness she deserves. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and it can affect anyone, regardless of their income or background. It's essential to raise awareness and support those who need help.

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