Doomscrolling or Scrolling-drooling?

A while ago, the famous, Mr. Zuckerberg, decided to give his company a makeover and named it 'Meta.' He introduced us to the concept of the Metaverse, where people could wander in a 'virtual world' instead of just staring at screens. If you’re reading this from the future, you probably know all about it, and my sympathies for your health and imagination!
But let’s not dive too deep into that for now. Fast forward to today’s date, where people are hooked on Reels and Short Videos. I won’t bore you with stats about who’s watching what and where. Instead, let me share some real-life snapshots. No matter where I look, whether it’s a fellow 'tuk-tuk' rider or a girl squished in a crowded bus, or even the uncle commuting on a packed train, everyone is glued to 30-second videos. And reels? Oh, they’re like a never-ending train that reaches the center of the Earth and still keeps going.
I have to confess, I’m no exception. Instagram’s magical suggestions always lure me in. Those sneaky AI bots know I can’t resist adorable cat and dog videos. They trap me, and before I know it, half an hour vanishes from my human lifespan.

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And I’ve seen the same thing happen to countless others. That’s when I decided to set a 10-minute daily limit on social media. Yep, I’m a genius, or at least I’d like to think so. Kidding!! It’s all about willpower, right?
But then there are those irresistible dresses and tops, boasting 50% off sales. What if I miss out? What if this is my only chance? That’s the FOMO game, and yes, sometimes I fall for it. But then reality checks in. Bills paid, wallet empty.

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Oh, the days of food delivery apps! I know I shouldn’t splurge on junk food. It’s unhealthy, and I should save money. But my burger-loving(with melted cheese of course ) brain doesn’t care. My bank account does, though. It’s the unsung hero that saves me from overspending on online shopping and food.

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So, whether it’s Meta’s grand plans or social media’s hypnotic reels, life keeps throwing digital curveballs. And in the end, I often find myself closing apps after window-shopping or window-drooling through the virtual world..


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