Doomsday Clock at 2024: How Close Are We to Midnight?

The Ticking Clock of Doomsday !

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

So, here I am,sipping on my hot cup of tea, contemplating the impending doom that the “Doomsday Clock”. As of January 2024, this metaphorical timepiece is ticking away at a mere 90 seconds to midnight.

The Countdown : 90 Seconds to Midnight

The Doomsday Clock is playing its own version of a thriller, setting itself at the closest symbolic point of annihilation ever.

It’s like the clock is saying, “Humans, get your act together, or say goodbye to weekend brunches and TikTok dances.

The Clock’s journey: From 17 Minutes to 90 Seconds

In 1991, the clock was happily chilling at 17 minutes from midnight, celebrating the end of the Cold War. But in the year 2024, it’s having a major existential crisis.

We can blame it on the war in Ukraine, nuclear arsenals getting a makeover, or climate change throwing a hot tantrum in 2023, but that won’t change the actual fact.

Clock is ticking

The Doomsday is nearby

So, what’s the big deal, you might ask? The Doomsday Clock is not just about waving a red flag. It’s literally throwing a whole red carpet .

It’s reminding us that the threats we face aren’t some cosmic joke but the result of our choices. Time to make better choices and maybe move that minute hand a little further from midnight.

Disclaimer: While I might be a satirical genius, the real scoop comes from India Today, because who needs fake news when reality is this entertaining

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