From Female Friendships to Sisterhood: how I met Maddie

Non toxic female friendships are not unreal, they are just rare to find

Female friendships can sometimes be very tricky.They often come with an unexpected side dish of drama, gossip, and the classic buy one, get one free deal of bitching.
But today, I’m going to share a heartwarming story that just might restore your faith in the power of female friendships, without any of the drama.

My journey through female friendships started in my childhood, where I had some "close" friends who were, in reality, a whirlwind of drama. Gossips and bitching seemed to be part and parcel of these friendships, and even those who appeared to be best friends couldn't resist talking behind each other's backs.
Needless to say, I left those school days with a fair amount of trauma and a shaky faith in female friendships.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I joined my last organization. Aside from the two precious gems - Mayra and Rani, I found Maddie aka Madhuleena no less than a pearl from the ocean of my sister circle.

We both had our interviews on the same day, shared joining dates, and even landed in the same training team. At first, I was cautious, sitting there like a living stone, observing my new team members.
Maddie, or Madhuleena, was a breath of fresh air – beautiful with her big eyes and a tall, chubby figure that she carried with just the right touch of makeup. She was cheerful and had no trouble striking up conversations with the rest of the team.

Given my past experiences with female friends, I was a bit hesitant to open up. I decided to keep my distance and let things develop naturally.
But a significant turning point came when Maddie didn't show up at the office one day. When I called to check on her, I discovered that her mother was battling cancer in the ICU, and Maddie was single-handedly taking care of everything.

This is where our story takes a familiar twist. Some of the other women in our team saw Maddie's absence as an opportunity to create stories and make it seem like she was playing hooky.
It felt like a scene straight out of school. Unfortunately, Maddie had to resign from her job to be with her mother.

I began talking to Maddie more frequently. I wanted to be there for her, even though our homes were a bit far apart.
Luckily, her mom's condition improved in the following days, and this marked the beginning of our sisterly bond. We started sharing our personal experiences and even indulged in some good old-fashioned boys' talk.
Our phone conversations would sometimes stretch for 1-2 hours.

Photo by Sam McNamara on Unsplash

Despite my reluctance to call her my "elder sister" (since I’m always the youngest), I can’t deny that she has been as protective and caring as an older sister should be. These days, it’s not always easy for us to meet due to my responsibilities to my five fur babies, but I know I can rely on her anytime I need someone to talk to.

Maddie's mother is still battling cancer, but I believe that Maddie is leading the charge with her unwavering love and care. She's one of the strongest and most responsible women I've ever met.

So, in the end, I can proudly say that I've found a few true and trustworthy girlfriends, and Maddie is undoubtedly one of them.
She's proof that female friendships can be powerful, resilient, and free from all the unnecessary drama.
Cheers to strong women and even stronger friendships!

P.S. : I was supposed to write this yesterday — on her birthday , but my super smart brain couldn’t think of that idea on the correct day



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