How I enjoyed an Awesome 5th Birthday Party

How I went back to my own childhood days!

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I want to tell you about a really cool birthday party I went to. It was for Ruhi, who turned 5, and it was super fun. Let me tell you all about it!

The party happened in the front yard of our building. It was decorated with colorful stuff like ribbons and balloons. As soon as I got down, I heard lots of happy voices and saw kids having a blast. It was like a mini-carnival!

Ruhi’s mom had some fun games for us to play. We could wear different masks to look like superheroes or princesses. I even saw one uncle with a big fat tummy- wearing a funny pumpkin face! It made everyone laugh. I wonder what if that uncle was wearing an orange shirt.

The best part was the cake. It was big and had different layers with different flavors. I was amazed at how it looked! Honestly , I never cut one of those during my own childhood. I wondered how we could eat so much cake.

We had more fun stuff too. Ever played limbo? It’s a game where you have to bend and go under a stick without touching it. It was so funny to see the little kids give it a try. We also had a magician who did tricks. He made things disappear, like rabbits. I was curious about where the rabbits went! I mean, seriously, what if they get lost? who will be taking care of them?!

And guess what? We got mini goodie bags! They had cool stuff like stickers, bubbles, and fake tattoos. The tattoos looked like pictures on our skin. Everyone wanted one! And I no matter how much I wanted to not accept it being an adult, I couldn't say No to the gift.

The best part of the day was when we broke open a unicorn piñata. It was filled with candies, and we all took turns hitting it. Candy flew out, and we had a great time grabbing as much as we could. Me being the odd one out among the kids, Initially grabbed most of them, later on distributed all of that to the kids.

Photo by Jorge Ibanez on Unsplash

But like all parties, this one had to end too. We all looked a bit messy from eating cake, and our clothes had some glitter on them. The parents were tired but happy that we had so much fun.

So, if you ever want to have a fun time, go to a 5-year-old's birthday party. You'll see kids playing, eating cake, and laughing a lot. It's a day full of happiness and fun memories.

That’s my story about Ruhi’s awesome birthday party. Most importantly, it felt like I went back to my own childhood days after a long long time.I hope you liked hearing about it. Remember to have fun and smile every day!

Well, that was only one of the many stories of enjoying my adulthood in a childish way . Gradually, I will come up with more stories and some epic mini blogs.

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