How to persuade your dreams?

Time to stop pressurising yourself

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This is what I feel about staying motivated to pursue my dreams. The most important factor is - your love towards your dreams. Yes, that’s what keeps me alive , energetic and hopeful towards following my dreams , every single day. In fact , there are a few demotivating factors that push me hard everyday.

  • I never had dreams of ending up in a corporate career. So, every time I used to have a hectic day at work, I kept inspiring myself to work and study harder for the writer that I want to see inside myself one day.
  • With time and maturity I also realised that persuading your dreams doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave your present opportunities or job. Having any stable backup is sometimes important to financially support your dreams too.
  • From different incidents and experiences of my life , I have truly realised the fact that anything you want to achieve doesn’t come to you in one day. Practice and efforts every day with consistency is something that you need to realise by heart.
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  • Remember, it’s always better to give it a shot till you have time, rather than regretting it when you get old and keep wondering “what ifs” .
  • If you have already followed the above written things and still feel like giving up right now, maybe you are thinking too much about past failures and not about the present.
  • It's important sometimes to make fun of yourself. That doesn't mean you have to stop believing in yourself.
  • This way you can keep your mind calm and relaxed in every type of situation. We are all humans , not robots. So, release ups and downs are part of the process. No one can be an expert from the first day.

So, try your best , don't give up but don't be too hard on yourself. All the best 😊 👍

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