How to stop chasing toxic people ?

A message for people who are blaming themselves for always ending up with a toxic person

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Dear friend,

What you are going through is understandable. If you are feeling low, understand this is completely normal because you are a human. First of all stop blaming yourself if you are finding people who always end up hurting , ignoring and blaming you.

I don’t think , me being a stranger should suggest your decision about people in your life. But what I can try to do is , to guide you about something that my help You get better.

If this is not the first time your partner is toxic, then probably you have already seen someone behaving similar to this in the past.

Sometimes, we are already aware subconsciously that the person is toxic and harmful for our mental health. But because of the familiarity we might keep falling for same type of people over and over again.

I am not blaming you my dear, it’s how all of our minds work. People always tend to fall for the ones even though they know something is wrong or unhealthy.

Not just that, sometimes a toxic person breaks down our self esteem so much that we no longer beleive in ourselves that we can deserve better than what is in front of us.

Eventually, we become so weak mentally that we start getting mentally dependent on somebody else. Again, this is not your/ victim’s fault. This is how manipulation works in long term. Slowly they turn you into a type of person who cannot stay mentally independent.

So , now you are ready to compromise up to any extent.

Now, you cannot change all toxic people, in fact anyone around you. But what you can do is, start prioritising yourself first. I know it can be scary at first, but slowly you can achieve it.

Think clearly and start with small steps like, spending a whole day with yourself. You can also set a big goal in your life and start working for it. Trust me you won't get time anymore to think about depressing things.

Rest, a therapist would be the best person to guide you through.

But on basis of my own experience with psychiatry patients, I feel like seeking help from a psychiatrist would be a good option, in case you are not feeling mentally good for a long period of time. Usually it is recommended to have both psychiatric and psychology sessions to give you best results. Because psychologists or therapists will always help you externally.

But a psychiatrist is someone who can treat you with proper medicines for anxiety and panic attacks.

If you keep getting severe panik attacks then please get in touch with ER. Also if things get worst, definitely seek for crisis help.

Again, I am not a licensed person, just telling from my experience of dealing with big number of patients every day. I see practically how someone can become the best version of themselves, just with proper help and support.

But overall, remember YOU are the main character of YOUR life. So, YOU are the one who shall always hold the steering of YOUR own life.

I hope this helps, take care !

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