I have the cutest personal motivator in the world

The Unconventional Motivator with love of eating Chicken

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When you think of a motivator, who comes to mind? Is it a charismatic professional speaker, a TEDtalk superstar, or perhaps an overachiever with an inspiring life story?

Well, I've got a motivator right in my own house, and he's not your typical human kind. He's a furry fellow with fluffy cheeks and an undeniably charming presence. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Uru: the cat.

Uru's journey as a motivator began about five years ago when I found him abandoned on the street. It was evident that someone had heartlessly tossed him, resulting in severe injuries to his delicate frame.

We rushed him to the vet, who, while prescribing medications, couldn't promise his survival. But Uru had something that no one could deny – unrelenting determination.

Photo by Tuqa Nabi on Unsplash

Despite retaining bone dislocations, Uru's tenacity led him to a remarkable feat. He learned to walk again, albeit with the grace of a cat and without the aid of a complete skeleton. Hence, we named him Uru: the cat, and his quest for food began.

Uru was a silent presence in our home, patiently waiting for delectable treats from the kitchen. His appetite knew no bounds, and his days revolved around a singular mission: eat, eat, and eat some more.

As time passed, Uru grew into a middle-aged tomcat with dreams of romance.

Unfortunately, due to nerve issues, he never reached the size of a full-grown cat, reducing his chances of finding a girlfriend.

Additionally, we never allowed him to venture outside, except for the occasional terrace outing.

Yet, nothing could deter Uru's love for food, especially chicken. He continued to thrive, embracing his unique life with gusto.

However, a few months ago, panic struck our household. Uru had vanished without a trace.

We scoured every nook and cranny, from our apartment to the entire neighborhood.

Where could he be? My heart was heavy with questions and the fear of losing him forever.

Just when despair was about to take over, our kind security uncle pointed us in the direction of a bag-like object that had fallen from the fourth floor, Uru’s hiding spot after a brief confrontation with another cat.

There he was, barely holding himself together in a shady corner of the building, almost blending into the surroundings.

My heart ached for my poor baby. It seemed his curiosity had led him too close to the window, resulting in the fall.

The following day, the vet administered not just two injections but also a slew of medicines that Uru absolutely detested. To make matters worse, his X-ray reports showed that he has ended up with a fractured left leg.

The injections and medications took a toll on him, causing him to vocalize his discomfort, albeit in his sweet, kitty way.

He spent days laying on the same chair, nibbling at his food.

However, something remarkable began to unfold. Uru started to move, slowly at first, making his way to the bathroom and then to the kitchen.

While he couldn't rely on his fractured leg for support, his indomitable spirit shone through. I couldn't help but admire his unwavering dedication to his meals.

On special days when we enjoyed a tasty chicken dish, Uru’s motivation soared to new heights.

He becomes the undisputed superhero of the house. No matter how big my dogs were, he wouldn’t spare them a second glance. "Bothered" would be an understatement.

An Original picture of Uru sitting on out dog's bed with absolutely no intention of giving up the seat

I often wonder how most people would react if faced a situation like Uru’s. Many would likely succumb to pain and despair.

Uru, on the other hand, proved to be the cutest motivator one could ever encounter, going to extraordinary lengths to achieve what he loves the most.

In the end, Uru's story teaches us a valuable lesson – motivation comes in all forms, even in the guise of a fluffy-cheeked, chicken-loving feline.

So, the next time you need a boost, just remember Uru: the cat, the most unconventional motivator around.

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