Khalasi” or “Gotilo” song by Coke Studio Bharat: Explained


To tell tale of an extraordinary pop song

Picture from Coke Studio Bharat YouTube channel

The song "Khalaasi" from Coke Studio Bharat is currently trending everywhere. The composition is absolutely addictive and has the potential to surpass songs like "Despasito" as the most viewed video on YouTube. But what is it really about? Well, the song tells the tale of a fearless sailor and narrates his adventurous voyage as he sails through the turmoil created on the ocean.

Picture from Coke Studio Bharat YouTube channel

The singer is looking for someone ready to face new challenges, addressing the sailor. He's encouraging them to start selling, acknowledging that it will be difficult and even dangerous at times.

He is certain that the sailor will overcome all the turmoil, as the sailor declares their fearlessness. They are ready to experience new challenges and not meant for a stagnant existence, as he says- "the ideal seafarer is one who can confront the ocean like a hooded snake".This emphasizes the importance of being fearless on the seas.

Picture from Coke Studio Bharat YouTube channel

Someone staying in a stable place can be easily washed away, but the one who flows with courage can withstand the worst. This is why the singer repeatedly emphasizes on finding a courageous sailor. It's worth noting that these beautifully written lines are by the great writer Soumya Jain.

The sea in the song acts as a metaphor for life. It's interesting to consider that the same screenwriter who wrote the lines for the movie "Oh My God" is the lyricist of this song.

So, it's quite significant to consider that the lyricist is looking for a true leader courageous enough to fight against society's odds and bring about change.
So ,the next time you listen to this song, it will have a completely different meaning for you.

Listen to it :

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