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The Sweet Secret Recipe – Child Labor and Cocoa Beans!

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Mars Candy company manufactured chocolates by child labor
Martian candy made by little kids – ever heard of that?! Hey there, my sweet tooth enthusiasts! It’s your favorite Martian Candy critic, and today we’re indulging in the not-so-sweet secrets of Mars, the company that brings you M&Ms and Snickers, with a sprinkle of child labor controversy. Move over Willy Wonka, we’ve got a real-life cocoa catastrophe!

Mars, in its grand vow, promised to eradicate child labor in its supply chain by 2025. Well, let me tell you, our CBS News investigators found kids on every farm they visited, dancing with machetes like it’s some twisted version of “Cocoa’s Got Talent.”

Mars, you sly fox, boasting about rescuing thousands of kids with a monitoring system! Exclusive copies of these lists, obtained from a whistleblower, revealed some kids were still deep in the cocoa fields. Bravo, Mars! Your “I am a child, I play, I go to school” slogan on backpacks is truly the cherry on top of this satire sundae.

Photo by Amevi Wisdom on Unsplash

Child labor hired from Mars company even had kids less than 5 years of age
But fear not! Mars, the savior, gave her a backpack and schoolbooks. Sadly, in the 18 months since no one bothered to check if she was even attending school. You know, just the usual “give a backpack, forget to check” strategy.

Mars, in its defense, says it condemns child labor and treats claims seriously. But hey, they also said CBS News didn’t give them details ahead of time. Talk about a plot twist!

So, dear candy lovers, as you unwrap that Snickers, remember, there might be a hint of bitter truth behind that sweet facade. Martian Candy, where every bite tells a tale of child labor adventures! Sweet dreams, or should I say, bittersweet?

I thought of trying out some new kinds of writing where harth truth bombs can be presented with Satire. You can let me know your thoughts on this.

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