My Hilarious Adventures of being a Shopaholic

Being an expert of window shopping

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Are you ever in a funk and need a mood booster?
Well, for most women, including me, the ultimate pick-me-up is shopping. It doesn't matter if it's actual shopping or just window shopping; it's retail therapy at its finest. So, the other day, I had plans to meet a friend.

I hopped on a bus to visit one of the famous shopping malls in my city.
Little did I know, my friend would be fashionably late due to some road issues.
No problem, I decided to explore the mall while I waited.

Right near the mall's entrance, I spotted a row of small shops that had recently sprung up. These shops catered to women of all ages and offered unique jewelry, clothing, and accessories.
It seemed like they were there for a limited time, likely for the upcoming Durga Puja festival.

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As I wandered through these temporary shops, I noticed people eagerly checking out the products.
Families, girls, and women were inspecting various items and comparing prices. I decided to join in on the fun.

I started with jewelry, and let me tell you, I have a knack for spotting good bling.
After a quick survey, I figured out which shop had the best jewelry. Then, I focused on a particular shop – one that showcases traditional Indian designs, especially oxidized jhumkas.

I spotted a stunning pair of earrings, and when I asked if they had a smaller size, three women came to my rescue. They tried to convince me that the earrings were light and comfortable, but I was having none ofΒ them. I politely declined, and one of the women seemed genuinely offended.

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Undeterred, I explored the mall, observing couples and families enjoying their time together. Some looked elated, while others appeared to be dealing with minor crises, possibly involving their kids. It was quite the spectacle!

After capturing some entertaining moments on my phone, I got into the crowded mall.
The atmosphere was charged with excitement, possibly because of the upcoming festival. There was also a new green SUV on display that had drawn quite a crowd, although I couldn't fathom why.

Determined to make the most of my day, I headed to one of the popular clothing stores featuring various brands. I'd shopped there before, but this time, I was in for a surprise.
Surprise! surprise! the traditional outfit I liked had a hefty price tag, starting from 7000 bucks! I pretended not to be impressed and continued browsing.

The saleswomen seemed convinced that I was their next big sale, but I maintained my cool. After giving my best poker face, I moved on to explore other shops and observe shoppers who sometimes seemed willing to pay three times more for the same items available online.

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It left me wondering about the psychology of shopping, but I couldn't dwell on it for too long. I checked out more shops on different floors, only to realize that I could buy products online for a lower price from the same brands.

As I was pondering the quirks of shopping, my friend finally arrived.
I hadn't mentioned that I had already indulged in some delicious and spicy snacks right outside the mall.
We decided to escape the food court's chaotic lines and settled for a cozy cafe nearby, where we enjoyed some tasty treats.

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Our long-awaited reunion turned out to be a fantastic day of laughter and good food.

Sometimes, it's not just about what you buy but who you spend your time with that makes shopping memorable. And that's the story of my shopping adventure, or should I say, window shopping extravaganza!

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