My journey through Children’s Day

From Schoolyard Revelry to Corporate Grind

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On the 14th of November, Children's Day casts a wistful spell, taking me back to the vibrant celebrations of my school days. But now, as an adult when I am sitting in the corporate hustle, the once-cherished 14th of November has lost its luster, leaving me riminicing for the joyous days of my girlhood.

In this special day every year, my school transformed into a lively carnival on the 14th of November. The classrooms gave way to a kaleidoscope of colors, with teachers manning stalls adorned with homemade delights.

So, coupons were my golden tickets to those homemade delicacies featuring everything from cupcakes to sandwiches.
The festivities added a flavorful twist to the Children's Day experience.

Yet, the true enchantment unfolded on the playground, which metamorphosed into a dance floor for students spanning first to tenth grade.

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Towering speakers serenaded the open sky, turning it into a dance floor. It was a day when age was irrelevant, and everyone danced with unlimited joy.
Little did I know that these annual celebrations would become cherished memories etched in the memories of my childhood.

However, not all Children's Day celebrations adhered to the norm.
In one memorable year, a romantic melody prompted a daring move from a classmate – a cheeky peck on his girlfriend's cheek amid the festive crowd. The aftermath?my oh my!

Our teachers turned the incident into a theatrical spectacle, expressing shock and concern.
Who would have thought a harmless peck could unleash such drama?
The once-grand festival concluded with this peculiar twist, marking the beginning of a gradual decline of our Children's Day celebrations.

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As an adult confined to a corporate office every 14th of November, I can't help but reminisce about the days when Children's Day meant laughter, dance, and innocent mischief.

The schoolyard festivities may be a distant memory, but the remembrance is still, urging me to preserve the childlike joy that once defined this special day.

Let’s not allow adulthood to entirely strip away the magic of Children’s Day.

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