My Rollercoaster Ride with Women

From Childhood to Finding a Friend in a big Sister

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From my childhood days to my womanhood, I've had some rather bittersweet experiences with women. It all began in fifth grade, then sixth, ninth, tenth, and even high school. I could never quite call myself , as a stereotypical girly - girl " and I hadn't experienced true friendship with any girl throughout my childhood ,but the story takes an interesting twist, back in third grade.

There was this girl who used to share the same carpool as me on our way to school. She had a peculiar way of dominating us, especially quiet kids like me. She had a hefty physique and, dare I say, a height advantage. This made it easier for her to assert herself not only over me but over our classmates as well.

At the time, I didn't realize that her dominance was driven more by her desire to feel superior, given her carpool advantage, rather than her academic prowess.
Fortunately, this torment lasted just a year before she changed schools, and I was liberated. Sometimes I wonder if it was truly me back then, as I can't picture my quiet, non-questioning self now.

As the years rolled on, I encountered more people, entered new classes, made new friends, and discovered new anime.
Life's script kept unfolding, and in ninth grade, a group of girls seemed determined to bring me down.
They concocted plots, spread rumors, and even managed to influence some teachers. Looking back, I realized they weren't worth my time or thoughts.

These experiences left scars, leading me to develop trust issues, especially when it came to women. College brought similar challenges, with some girls from my stream harboring animosity because I often preferred solitude or my own company.
But women are women, and the pattern persisted.

However, destiny has a peculiar sense of humor. On my first day of my last organisation,at an IT firm, I encountered a woman who would change my perspective. She walked into the room with long hair, black glasses, a fit physique, and a formal outfit consisting of black and white Polka dotted shirt, black trousers paired with black ballerinas.

She introduced herself as Myra aka Manpreet and she turned out to be a big sister figure I never knew I needed.

Months later, after our training, Myra became my senior and mentor. We often met since we lived nearby. She even helped me get to the office on time, holding my hand as I struggled to keep pace with her long strides. But beneath her strong exterior, I discovered a charming, jolly, and genuinely good person , umm more like - 'Emilia Clarke' from the movie 'Me Before You'.

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Our connection grew stronger, and I started bringing her small gifts while she shared chocolates with me.
We talked about various topics and colleagues, building a sweet friendship.
Eventually, I opened up to her about my past traumas, childhood struggles, and trust issues. She reciprocated by sharing her own experiences, and that day marked a turning point in our friendship.

I had always believed that women often don't trust each other and tend to pull each other down.
However, finding someone like Myra shattered that stereotype. It was one of the happiest discoveries of my life.

Life has its twists and turns, and we never know when or how we'll meet someone who changes our perspective. Myra proved that sometimes, hard work pays off in the most unexpected ways.

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