My Wonder Woman!

The strongest woman I have ever known

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Alright, let’s clear one thing up straight away , I’m not about to start with that classic "My Mom" paragraph from our kindergarden days and before you stop reading this post assuming it’s something like a women’s day note! Nope, we’re skipping the clichés! Although, I do remember scribbling about my mom for school assignments. But back then, I wasn’t really bragging about how awesome she is.
Now, in India, moms often get tagged as stern homemakers, juggling chores and scolding kids. No offense, but some can be a tad old-school. For instance, they usually push us to get married and throw in a few cooking lessons as well, all for a happy wedded life.
But my mom? Oh boy, she’s not your regular mom. Nope, not even close! In fact, I think I got my romanticism and carefree vibes from her. She never pressured me into housework, but rather fueled my career dreams.

Back in the day, I was a total oddball and nerdy, which is pretty much the opposite of her. Growing up solo as the only kid, I'd eagerly listen to her tales of childhood. She hailed from a town a bit out of the city, where cousins, siblings, and neighborhood pals turned life into one big adventure.

Hearing stories of plucking tamarinds from tall trees and playing every day after school was a blast. She’s always been the tomboy type, even now. Short circuit? No problem! She’d fix the fuse in a jiffy. When I visit my grandparents' place, I’m blown away by her medals for singing and those old pictures of her dancing or taking center stage in plays. She’s practically a wonder woman!

Up until 8th grade, she was my home tutor. Mastering the art of cooking in a flash is pretty common for Indian women. But being an all-rounder in every arena? That's like having a superhero power.
One memory sticks out, a rainy evening when I was chilling indoors, and there goes Mom, dancing in the rain on the terrace like it's nobody's business.

She thought my nerdy self would struggle in the relationship department or not get the whole love thing. Imagine her surprise when she found out I had a boyfriend! Instead of being mad like most parents would be, she was relieved. And then came the unexpected advice , "Always use protection," she told me. Cue the blushing!

Look at her picture, and you'd think she stepped out of a Bollywood film. Meanwhile, I'm the living proof that I didn't inherit much of her looks. Nope, I'm a spitting image of my dad.

Speaking of Dad, love can be blind, right? She fell for my narcissistic father in her youth. Twenty years of hanging in there, but one day, she'd had enough of the toxicity. We started anew, and while the beginning was tough, her love got us through.

I've asked her before, "Mom, why marry Dad? You could have had anyone!" And she just laughs, saying, "Well, then how would I have gotten you, my child?"

I'm not sharing all this because she's my mom. It's because I want to shout to the world, "I'm here today because of this amazing lady!" She's not just a mom; she's my real-life superhero.

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