Serial Borrowers and their never ending cycle of borrowing

Anabout unique addiction that no one told you

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There was a time when I thought people only borrowed cash when they were on the brink of financial disaster? Oh boy, was I wrong!

Let me share some enlightening tales from the world of borrowing, lending, and the outrageous excuses that come with it.

It's no secret – people don't just borrow when in need; some crafty individuals invent needs just to squeeze a few bucks out of you. Oh yes, it happens! And let's not forget our good old banks and financial institutions. They're practically handing out loans left and right, making it rain with home, car, study, and business loans. It's almost like Oprah's "You get a loan, you get a loan!" over there.

But wait, there's more! Ever met those folks on a relentless hunt for a measly couple of thousand rupees?

I sometimes wonder if I have "Free ATM" stamped on my forehead!

There was an old colleague of mine who rings me up, claiming a mysterious brain issue that needs immediate testing. She promises to pay back in a month , easy peasy, right? Well, turns out a month can be a lifetime, apparently. I tried reaching out when I needed my money back, but it was like I'd been blocked from her life and her phone.

Now, brace yourself for the extravagant borrowers , the ones who splurge on others like there's no tomorrow, only to hit you up for cash the next day. Meet Cynthia, the queen of this league. She came into my life during job training, bigger and older but with a bubbly nature.She showered me with treats, and let's just say her persuasive powers had me munching on junk food , something I despised.

One fine day, she cries an emergency and asks for cash. Being the lending superhero I am, I immediately handed over 500 bucks to her.

But lo and behold, she tells me how the universe conspires against her health, and she's off to the homestead just when salaries drop. I felt bad for her , couldn't help it. Little did I know, I was in for a rollercoaster of ghosting and disappearing acts.

Days later, I sent a friendly message asking about her health and gently nudging about my hard-earned cash. You won't believe it : she read my message, stayed online, but didn't reply. Ignored by Cynthia the Magician, I played detective and got shocking news from the office – she hadn't even tried to return to work.

A few days later, our common friend spills the beans. Cynthia's a serial borrower, a con artist of the loan world. Lies come as easy as her requests for money. And guess what? I found myself blocked from all her contact channels.

So, my dear readers, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve danced with countless borrowers, lent like a trusting saint, and got ghosted like a forgotten spirit. But fear not! I’ve learned my lesson. A resounding "NO" now echoes in my ears when the borrowing bell rings.

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