The AI Rollercoaster: From Job Creator to Job Loser

AI replacing humans replaced their own CEO

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Imagine inventing a powerful Generative AI, your brainchild set to change the game. Now, envision the ultimate plot twist – that very AI snatching your job.
Sam Altman, OpenAI’s bigwig, found himself in this sitcom-worthy scenario. It’s a rollercoaster of irony.

ChatGPT Unleashed: A Job Apocalypse

So, OpenAI drops ChatGPT, the talk of the tech town. It's magical, they said. It revolutionizes everything, they said. Well, what they didn't say is that millions would be doing a jobless tango because of it. Job apocalypse, anyone?

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Microsoft: The Plot Thickens

Just when you think the story can't get crazier, Microsoft swoops in like a superhero... or villain? They snag OpenAI, tossing the plot into the corporate blender. But wait, there's more – they shuffle the CEO deck like a deck of cards at a magician's convention.
Abracadabra, Sam Altman, you're out!

Karma or Coincidence? I'm Clueless

Is this karma playing poker with CEOs, or just the chaotic symphony of the tech world?
I'm as clueless as a cat at a dog show. All I know is, it's a topsy-turvy ride of cosmic comedy.

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ChatGPT's Dirty Little Secret

Here's the scoop – ChatGPT's got a James Bond secret: it doesn't spill the beans on its sources. Crawling through blogs, collecting info like a vacuum, but leaving out the credits. Sneaky, huh?

OpenAI’s Cash Cow -Bloggers Left in the Dust

Guess who's laughing all the way to the bank? OpenAI, raking in the dough with ChatGPT's genius. But hold up – the bloggers who birthed those brainy nuggets?
They're sipping on injustice juice, unpaid and traffic-less.

Injustice Alert! Time to Unmask ChatGPT

Cue the superhero music – it's time to unmask the silent culprit. Bloggers deserve their moment in the sun, not the shadows of anonymity. Injustice alert! Let's rally for credits and clicks.

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As we ride this AI rollercoaster, laughing at the twists and turns, let's not forget the real heroes – the bloggers.
ChatGPT may be the superstar, but it's time to share the spotlight. In the comedy of errors, let's rewrite the script and ensure everyone gets a fair punchline. Before it's too late, let's turn the page on this satirical saga and give credit where credit is due. After all, in the tech world, a little humor might just be the secret sauce to solving the quirks and challenges we encounter.

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