The Art of Rumorology

The story of unsung creators roaming among us

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We've all heard of storytellers and authors, but today, we're going to discuss a peculiar breed of creators who walk among us.
These unsung artists hide behind the masks of everyday faces, blending seamlessly into the crowds.
You can't predict the boundaries of their imagination, but one thing's for sure – we've all been caught in the web of their work of art, at some point.

You might be wondering, "What on earth is this about?" Well, my , I'm talking about the craft of rumor-mongering.
Yes, there exists a type of people with the uncanny ability to spin tales out of thin air, and they do it with such finesse that it leaves you questioning the reality your own life!

I've had my fair share of encounters with these creators, but their true identities remain hidden just like a magician's secrets.

Now, most of the time, these rumors revolve around the topic of relationships.
See a guy and a girl engaged in conversation? Well, according to our resident rumor- makers, they're definitely an item!
But oh no, they don't stop at whispering their tales to just a few close people.
These stories have wings – they take flight and spread through the language of gossip .
By the time you discover that you're the protagonist of one of these stories, everyone and their pet goldfish knows about it, and you're left utterly flabbergasted.

I have always been a recurring character in the works of these talented rumor-crafters. Allow me to share with you a particularly hilarious episode from my life.

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You see, there were always these individuals who assumed that any new person I talked to must be profoundly entwined with my life.
Kudos to their wild imaginations, right?!

So it was ninth grade, a time when teenage emotions were as unpredictable as the weather.
One day, I witnessed a sight that would link to my personal history. My so-called "first boyfriend," with whom I had a fleeting fling sometime before, got in a heated altercation with another guy from his class.

Interestingly enough, I was familiar with this other guy, as he happened to be one of my good friends.

Ohoo ho! The battle of the century was unfolding right before my eyes, but neither I nor my classmates had any clue about the cause of this epic showdown.
Voices were raised, fists were flying, and my mind was struggling to process this bizarre situation.

Then,out of nowhere, I started hearing voices shouting at me to intervene and put an end to this fight. I stood there, trying to decipher the chaos.
A few brave souls managed to keep them apart, and as the dust settled, the rumors began to fly faster than you can say "pendrive for a project."

You won't believe the unique reason people started talking about– the scuffle, they claimed, was over me!
Yes, me! I couldn't help but chuckle at the audacity of it all. I mean, who wouldn't want to be fought over, right? But hey!
reality was far less romantic.

As it turns out, the battle was waged over a pendrive needed for a school project.

Till this day, I can't help but burst into laughter when I recall the lightning speed at which that particular rumor spread.

It's just a small example to the creativity of these undercover artists among us.

After all, there will always be artists weaving stories around you, turning little topics into epic dramas.
But the real magic lies in how you respond to their imaginative stories.
Embrace the laughter, and always remember, in the grand play of life, you’re the ultimate director of your own story!

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