The Chronicles of My Fluffy Cheeks

Looking forever young

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Have you ever experienced the timeless magic of cheeks that refuse to lose their fluffiness?

Well, I have, and it's been a journey filled with laughter, confusion, and a dash of bewilderment.

From the tender age of two, my chubby and fluffy cheeks became the center of attention for every visitor to our house.

Whether they were family friends, elders, or common acquaintances, everyone seemed to have an irresistible urge to give my cheeks a gentle pull. It didn’t matter if I was a toddler or a young adult, my cheeks were a constant source of amusement for many.

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As I navigated through girlhood and into young adulthood, the cheek-pinching phenomenon persisted. Thankfully, after growing up , male folks were a bit more considerate, sparing me from this peculiar tradition. Yet, when it came to women – be it teachers, elder sisters, or common folks who knew me – my cheeks remained fair game.

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In the midst of my middle school years, a peculiar incident unfolded during my daily carpool routine. Students of various ages shared the ride, and despite my actual age, everyone consistently perceived me as younger.

It was like a magical spell, leaving me perpetually mistaken for a student of a much lower grade.

The confusion reached its peak during a family function when a well-meaning aunt assumed I was in the 8th standard.

Shocked by the misconception, I promptly corrected her, revealing that I was, in fact, in the 11th standard. Such incidents were not uncommon, leaving me wondering what mysterious aura surrounded my youthful appearance.

One particularly memorable encounter occurred just six months ago at a family function. An elderly relative who was invited came to talk to me and sit beside, she asked me “ which class do you study dear?”.The was paused hearing this question from her.

I couldn't figure out what and how to answer that question.

The awkwardness was alleviated by my uncle, who clarified that I had completed my studies and was now working. Despite the relief, it left me pondering how others perceived me.

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So, the next time you encounter someone with irresistibly fluffy cheeks, resist the urge to guess their age. After all, appearances can be deceiving, and the magic of youthful cheeks is ageless.

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