The Illusion of Good Grades


A Humorous Look at Life’s Choices

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Back in my school days, we were always bombarded with the mantra of excelling in our studies, getting top grades, and securing a stable future. Little did we know, it was all just a big, fat illusion.

I can vividly recall how our teachers showered their love and admiration on the academic superstars, especially those who aced Science and Maths.
As for me, I was never a consistent student. Sometimes I soared to the top when I found the syllabus interesting, and other times, I just barely scraped by without any regret.

But during the 9th and 10th grades, when my math grades were plummeting faster than a lead balloon, my subject teachers, and that one gossipy geography teacher, Ramika, decided to concoct a story.

They claimed I was not doing well because I was too distracted by boys. I mean, seriously?
Couldn't they come up with a better excuse? I used to get so depressed back then, but now it's just pure comedy gold!

Now, I often wonder, how successful are these teachers who measured our worth by our grades? Sure, they earn a decent salary, which is great for middle-class folks like us.
But are they truly successful as educators? It's high time teachers prioritize guiding their students, motivating them, and teaching subjects in a way that makes learning enjoyable. I hate to say it, but in these aspects, these teachers are utter failures.

This saga continued until the 10th grade when I had had enough of the gossip mill.

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I transformed into an utterly boring nerd for the next two years.
While I didn't become the school topper in 12th grade, my grades were good enough for a Bachelor's in Science degree, and that glorious 90+ in Mathematics helped me regain my shattered confidence.

Suddenly, I was the center of attention for my present-day teachers, and I felt like I was soaring to success with my proficiency in science and math.
I dreamt of conducting groundbreaking research and inventing something straight out of a sci-fi movie.
Sure, some people achieve those lofty goals, but that doesn't mean it's what everyone wants from life.

In the end, what truly matters is whether you're content with your profession and your income.
No one will come out and say it, but deep down, they want you to become a doctor, engineer, or snag a stable government job. It's all about those white-collar dreams.

But seriously, if all you want is to earn a decent living, there are countless job opportunities out there.
The catch? You need skills to land them. We're living in 2023, for crying out loud! If you've got talent, flaunt it on social media.
People are raking in millions on YouTube while others are stuck in their cubicles, judging freelancers.

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I remember this one day at the office when I overheard two guys chatting about photography. One guy, sporting a Calvin Klein t-shirt, scoffed at photography, claiming it had no future.
Should I have listed famous photographers or introduced him to some high-earning shutterbugs I know? I contemplated it but decided against it.

Eventually, I realized that some folks will never appreciate certain professions, no matter how hard you try to explain.
So, let them be, and keep chasing your dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem.
After all, it's your happiness that counts, not their opinions!

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