The Time-Machine from my Childhood

From Japanese Cartoons to Unfulfilled Dreams

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Ah, the good old days when we were kids, glued to the TV screen, watching Japanese cartoons like Doraemon and Kiteretsu. Little did we know back then that these shows were not just animated tales, but glimpses into the future of science fiction.
There was time when I believed in time machines and imagined myself as a future scientist, all while longing for the simpler joys of childhood.

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In those innocent days, we never questioned the absurdity of a time machine that could fit in a small cupboard. Just hop in, set the date and time, and off you go, visiting the past or the future! If only time travel were that easy!
My young mind was convinced that one day, scientists would pull a Doraemon-esque pocket gadget out of thin air and assemble a working time machine. I was so certain that I would revisit those cherished moments of my childhood.

As if my belief in time machines wasn't enough, I even fancied myself as a future scientist.

Blame it on an astrologer who convinced my dad that I had the makings of a genius scientist.

In my mind, I was destined to grow up, invent a time machine that resembled a giant wristwatch, and effortlessly transport myself through time. Oh, the naivety of childhood dreams!

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Looking back, I can't help but laugh at my youthful aspirations.
Those days were filled with boundless imagination, where anything seemed possible. I thought I'd die of laughter if I could see my younger self now,
dreaming of time machines and a future as a scientist.
Life was wonderfully uncomplicated back then, before the pressures of the adult world crept in.

But you know what? Life was sweetest when I didn't know about the relentless pursuit of success.
I no longer yearn for a time machine; instead, I yearn for the simplicity of a time when we weren't consumed by competition. My true desire is to be surrounded by simple-minded people, where life isn't a race but a journey filled with shared joy.

In the end, it's the fleeting nature of those good old days that makes them precious. Childhood dreams of time machines and future fame may have faded, but the laughter and memories endure.
As I look back , I realize that sometimes, the most valuable treasures are the ones we experienced for too short a time.

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