Whack Your Ex in the best possible way

South Jersey’s Feline Revenge Fantasy

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Whack your ex? How’s that possible?

Let me tell you how. Consider that your ex is wearing a cone of shame, that too forever. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, hold your broken heart because a South Jersey pet shelter is turning this wild fantasy into a quirky reality.

For just $50, Blackwood’s Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center will "neuter your ex," transforming a feral cat into the living embodiment of your past relationship woes. And no worries, it’s all for a good cause - or is it?

Whack your ex : Because Some Things Shouldn't Breed

So, the brilliant minds at Homeward Bound kicked off this anti-Valentine’s Day campaign. It has a tagline that says "take that, love drama!"

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

They have ingeniously linked it to their trap-neuter-return program, aimed at controlling the feral cat population.

Because you know, nothing says "moving on" like giving your ex's name to a cat about to undergo the snip-snip.

Revenge is a Dish which is Best Served with Catnip

Now, here's where it gets interesting .Most donors are in it for the revenge. Whether it's the ex-mistress or those childhood bullies who made your school years feel like an eternal cringe-fest! Homeward Bound is here to help you.

Donors even get a snapshot of their newly neutered ex-slash-cat.

Now, that's a purr-fectly poetic ending!

In conclusion, if you’ve ever thought, "Gee, I wish my ex would wear a cone of shame," now’s your chance to make it happen, in the quirkiest way possible. !

So , what do you think of this campaign? Share your thoughts in the comment section below 👇



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