Why our teachers were wrong about Aim in Life : NOT another essay

This post explores the difference between aims and professions, and how our teachers often get it wrong.

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Remember when we had to write those school essays about "My aim in Life".

It felt like solving a puzzle, didn’t it? And at family parties, someone always asked, "Sweetheart,what do you want to be when you’re big?" It was like a big question that made us all feel funny inside.

We usually said the same kinds of things, like wanting to be a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, or sometimes even an astronaut.

Our grown-up friends and family had a big influence on our dreams. Like when I used to say, "I want to be a scientist!" even though I didn’t really know what that meant other than wearing a lab coat mixing colorful liquids.

Blame it on the grown-ups, they kind of convinced me as that is what I was born to do, and I believed them for a long time.

I remember very clearly we had to write for english class in 5th Standard. It was all about " Your Goal in Life" But guess what? We didn't even get to choose our imaginary goal!

Our teacher dictated us what to write about becoming a doctor.Only because helping sick and poor people sounded like a good thing to do.

Whereas it was never explained to us why helping them is important in practical life and how actually a doctor can save lives. Maybe, one of those little brains listening that day could have become one of the best doctors by now who would say, his/her purpose in life was to help the poor and that's why became a doctor.
Can you really feel the difference here?

We used to call her R.M Mam who was the English teacher.

She was like the boss of our dreams. She told us what to write, and we just did what she said. Did anyone ask us what we really wanted?

Nope, we just wrote what she wanted us to write.

But wait, my mom was really cool about all of this. She used to tell me stories about people who did great things in history, people who fought for freedom, scientists, and writers.

But she never said, "You have to be like them." She'd say, "Just be a good person." And you know what? Being a good person is kind of like being a superhero.

Skipping ahead in time when my goals changed a lot, and people kept asking, "Are you still doing that?" My dream stayed the same—I wanted to help animals.

I had lots of pets when I was growing up, and I always wanted to do something nice for animals that needed help. And guess what?

I still feel that way today.
I might have achieved a teeny-tiny stepping stone in that journey till now,but I didn't have to give up.

In a world where lots of people want to be rich and famous, my mom’s advice feels really special. She taught me to be a good person instead of just chasing after jobs and money.

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Now I realise that aim and profession are completely two different things in life, which most of us fail to understand. So here’s to letting go of those old dreams that weren’t really ours and embracing the things that make us special. Let’s be nice in a world that sometimes forgets how to be.

There is a very famous quote by the great Victorian author Thomas Carlyle - " A man without a goal like a ship without a rudder".

But honey! Goooneeee are the daaysss of Victorian eraaaa !!!!

It’s time to realise,"Similar to a boat without a rudder , an individual can possess an aim and a profession that navigates entirely separate paths in the sea of life."

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