The truth about writing for the Money and earning for the Writing!

A war between passion and compromise

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So, let’s start from the beginning. I found this cool website called Medium not long ago. It’s a place where people write stuff, and others read it. I came across a video about Medium. It was when I was watching short videos on Instagram, having a good time, when a person in a video said something interesting. They talked about how you can make money by writing. Sounds cool, right? But it turns out, they were trying to trick us with a catchy title.
They were talking about Medium and how you can use ChatGPT to write articles. And then, guess what? You can put those articles on Medium and make money! But hold on a second. Making money from writing is already a big deal. So, why would someone use AI to do it? It’s like using a shortcut when there are real writers out there working hard.

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But here’s the twist , even if you use AI, you still need to do most of the work yourself. It’s like having a helper, but you’re still the boss. And guess what? If you didn’t know this before, let me tell you. To make sure the AI articles are good, human beings have to check them too. So, it’s not all magic!
Now, let me be clear. I’m not against AI and fancy technology. They can be super helpful for things like making writing better and showing up on Google. But let’s not forget the real writers - the creative people who write.The ones who pour their hearts into their work. They deserve our respect and support.
Here’s another interesting thing. I noticed that there aren’t many Indian or Asian writers on Medium. If you’re wondering whether Indians speak English, let me tell you, we do! English is taught in all private schools here as the first language, and there are a whopping 135 million English speakers in India. Yep, that’s a lot!
But wait, there’s more. India has some amazing English writers. There are so many that it’s hard to pick just a couple to talk about. And guess what? We also have tons of famous YouTubers and bloggers. So, why aren’t there more Indian writers on Medium? Well, it’s because we can’t make money from it.
But guess what? This isn’t just an Indian thing. It’s true for people all around the world. Check out the popular articles on Medium, and you’ll see many of them are about making money. It’s like everyone’s obsessed with cash! But wait, does that mean people aren’t writing about real stuff anymore? Something seems off, right?

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So, here’s my question. Can’t we cheer on our writer friends a little more? Can’t we encourage them to write from their hearts? Money is important, sure, but we shouldn’t forget that it’s meant to help writers and artists. They’re the stars of the show, not the other way around!
So, in this world where AI and money are buzzing around, let’s not forget the real magic, the power of human creativity. It’s like a fun dance of humor and stories, and that’s what makes writing awesome. From catchy titles to real masterpieces, let’s remember to keep the heart and soul of writing alive.

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