How I Enjoyed a Day of Adventure on a Solo Date

Sometimes, travelling alone and some good food is all you need

Ever went out on your own? It’s a blast! I know it might sound like introverts do it more, but trust me, solo dates are great for everyone.

Let’s remember my day and see why you should give it a try!

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So, I like to explore new places and eat tasty street food. It was my last day for getting shots because a cat bit me. Yep, you heard that right, 6 shots! Anyway, I had to go to the hospital by noon, so I woke up at 9 am to get ready.

I packed my bag with an umbrella, a water bottle, and my medicine. As soon as I stepped out of my place, I saw a line of cool cats sitting on the wall. They made me smile.

But, oh no, am I sounding like a school essay?Okay, let’s spice things up!

I took a bus to the hospital, and it was so crowded I felt like a sandwich! After an hour of squeezing, guess what?

It started raining hard. My nice shoes got wet, and it hurt. Trust me, wet sports shoes are no fun!

I reached the hospital on time and got my shots. I didn’t even flinch! Yay, me

You can read about the mishap from the link below, about why I had to take the injections.

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After that adventure, I went to a big market called Gariahat.

Last time, I missed the yummy kulfi, but not this time. Nothing could stop me, not even my wet shoes.

I got myself a jute bag for just 100 bucks , what a deal! Then, I found a place that had tasty food and the famous kulfi. I ordered a chicken roll for myself and one to take home for my mom.

But then, the atmosphere shifted as a middle-aged couple stepped in the shop. They seemed experienced , their faces displayed pride that comes with wealth.

Both looked to be around sixty, seasoned travelers on the journey of life.The lady caught my attention immediately. She wore a graceful pure cotton salwar suit. Flat sandals adorned her .

What truly sparkled, though, were the diamond earrings that dangled from her ears, twinkling like tiny stars.As she approached the counter, her demeanor showed up. In one hand, she held a fashionable handbag, while the other clutched packets of assorted sweets.

Her eyes showed not a bit of excitement,as she inquired,"Could you tell us what your best dish is?"The shopkeeper, proudly recommended their chicken kebab rolls as the speciality of their menu.

Without hesitation, the lady turned to her partner.He stood by her side, dressed in a premium quality t-shirt and shorts that hinted .

But it was his choice of sports shoes paired with socks that caught my eye, a combination that seemed to be unique. Their upcoming night flight was announced by themselves while waiting for their rolls. “Plates, please," the husband said, his voice laced with anticipation. "We’re flying tonight, so let’s keep it mild on the spices."As the shopkeeper began to work his magic, the aroma of sizzling rolls filled the air, it smelled so delicious.

And then, as if on cue, a steaming hot roll was presented before the gentleman. His excitement clearly showed in his eyes as he received his plate my attention, even more, was the lady beside him.

She waited, and, in that quiet moment, her expressions spoke volumes. A delicate furrow of her brows and a fleeting glance towards her surroundings showed a hint of dissatisfaction she felt.

Her silence carried a hint of disapproval, an unspoken declaration that the food shop might not meet her lofty expectations.

As I observed this silent interplay between husband and wife, and wondered the stark contrast between the two personalities.

None of that mattered to me because I was busy savoring my kulfi. It felt like heaven on a plate!So, my friends, that’s my story. A day of facing needles, braving rain, and savoring the best kulfi ever.

So, if you ever want a day of adventure, go on a solo date! You can handle needles, rain, and still enjoy delicious treats. Remember, life's all about having fun, even if it's just you and a plate of awesome kulfi.

That's the story of my amazing day out alone.

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